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A unique 30kvA-24kw Diesel Generator

Soundmen, DJ's, Musicians, Lighting Engineers, Movie Productions, and Event Coordinators

Soundmen, DJ's, Musicians, Lighting Engineers, Movie Productions, and Event Coordinators

Unlike where most generators lack of, our generator is custom-wired to accept a  variety of weatherproof inputs for almost any venue.  This 24kw can put out 100 amps @ 240 volts or 200amps @ 120 volts. Single Phase.  


Soundmen, DJ's, Musicians, Lighting Engineers, Movie Productions, and Event Coordinators

Soundmen, DJ's, Musicians, Lighting Engineers, Movie Productions, and Event Coordinators

Soundmen, DJ's, Musicians, Lighting Engineers, Movie Productions, and Event Coordinators

 Can feel confident that they'll have the correct voltage to their sensitive  equipment via individual circuit breakers divided amongst 32 - 120 volt outlets on board, or a total of 64 outlets with the custom 100 ft  distribution box. NO need to share outlets anymore.


Monitoring the output during the event

Soundmen, DJ's, Musicians, Lighting Engineers, Movie Productions, and Event Coordinators

Monitoring the output during the event

Did you know an uneven electrical load can actually shut-down a generator?  This could be disastrous for the event. Having a professional technician who will properly set up your requirements is one less detail you'll have to think about. 

Why are we in this business?

Kauai Rental Generator, a subsidiary of Pascua A/C & Refrigeration, Contractor Lic.# 19020

Owner,  Lono Pascua, is a Kauai native-born resident and a licensed  Refrigeration Contractor since 1990.  His knowledge with sound, lighting, electrical power distribution, and motor controls is conducive to operating his diesel generator. 


Whereas most events will not have a technician dedicated to attending of the power source for the venue,

Our generator rental comes with a professional who knows how to load distribute, test for safe voltage requirements, amperage and wattage calculations, monitor the generator's output, and perform on-the-spot electrical emergency repairs.

"I've rented generators for moving restaurant trailers that were equipped with commercial refrigerators, freezers, hot water, an exhaust hood, and an a/c.  But those generators lacked the safety and power assurance that it supposed to provide. I've also witnessed electrical outlets and cords catching fire in my years of business and a portable generator has even a greater potential hazard, if not used correctly."

Induction motors and amps for sound systems can burn-out electrically or slowly ruin them from an inadequate power source.

LED Lighting and fluorescent lighting also distorts the power (sine wave) from the generator, so a remote generator must be sized-up to accommodate this variable.

"Also at events, the complaint I heard often from sound, lighting, and music engineers were that the outlets don't work, loose connections, fluctuating power to their equipment, and water intrusion, especially with the distribution box. Some of their equipment wouldn't work or lights would dim, so they had to make sacrifices with less equipment for the event."

Today's weddings and productions you'll have mobile air conditioned restrooms at the site, along with caterers who use portable ovens or heat lamps. This puts an unexpected load that no one has accounted for and either you'll have nuisance circuit-breaker tripping, or the air conditioner or some heat lamps will have to be turned off. All of the vendors don't like sacrificing anything on their end because they've put so much effort to prepare for the event.

"Aside from the generator being too small or underpowered, most of the problems occurred because there were not enough outlets, so more extension cords had to be used, thus putting more load on the generator they were using. So, I took action to solve the problem by adding 32- 120 volt outlets on board our custom generator as well as providing something safe and reliable for everyone." (Or a total of 64 outlets with the distribution box.)

"When the production crew is happy, everything moves and assembles quicker; you'll even have a happy event coordinator."

        -Productions are collaborative efforts and I enjoy assisting them.-

Generator Rental on Kauai

  • Entertainment Venues
  • On Site Movie Productions
  • Restaurant Emergency
  • Food Truck Events
  • Construction Sites
  • Welding or Machinery Power
  • Inflatable Slides
  • Sports or Party Events
  • Weddings and  Receptions

   FREE Estimation on your power needs!

Call  (808) 651-5996 and we'll assist you in estimating how much calculated electricity you'll need.  Even if you don't hire us to provide you power, at least you'll have an understanding what to do next. It's better to have more power than less.

All Generators, whether small or large, have a maximum load which they can handle or they'll overheat and shut-down. It's similar to what happens to the generator source at a power plant for a utility company.

Generator with F250 Utility Truck

Generator with F250 Utility Truck

A Few Testimonials


"Lono has been my Technical Director for many MMA productions. His expertise and professionalism helps me deliver top-notch entertainment." Vance Pascua, CEO of Ainofea Productions, Clothing, & MMA Promotions 

(808) Luxury Restrooms

"My restrooms are air conditioned and Kauai Rental Generator always supplies me with clean electrical power." Chris Link, 808 Luxury Restrooms 


"He has the best generator. And it's quiet too!" Percy Sanchez, Blaze Entertainment, Sound, and Lighting

Ibaan Tent and Table Rentals

Tent and Table Rental Companies like using our quiet diesel


Grove Farm

Generator Assisting Charity and Fundraising Events


 Portable Inflatables and Water Slides 

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Delivery, Start-up & Shut-down, and Pick-up are all included.

 Normally,  Fuel Charges are included for an 8hr event period. Additional hours,  days, week, or heavy electrical loads will require more fuel. Please contact us for a free quotation. 

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